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PHUCKYOPHANS || February 11th

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Rihanna was spotted today with Chris Brown:


Rihanna was spotted just moments earlier with Chris Brown. Singer and songwriter Sabrina Antoinette uploaded the photo above of Rihanna and Chris supporting her today. Rihanna wore a crewneck shirt that adamantly showed the love she has for her Navy. The shirt donned the words, "Phuck Yo Phans". Chris accompanied her in a shirt from his brand, Black Pyramid. We will keep you updated on her look if and when more photos release.

Did you enjoy Rihanna last night at the Grammys? In case you missed the show or you just can't get enough and would like to relive all your favorite moments, please take a look at my fashion recap post (here). In that post you will find your fix of performance videos, and detailed looks into everything she wore before, during, and after the Grammys.
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