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Rihanna's "RIRI Hearts MAC" COMPLETE Fall 2013 Collection

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RIRI Hearts Mac Fall 2013 Collection

Rihanna will release her Fall 2013 RIRI Hearts MAC Collection in October: (Updated 8.26.13)

Rihanna's "RIRI Hearts MAC" Collection is gearing up for it's Fall 2013 release. The Fall 2013 Collection will offer quite a few more pieces than the previous ranges. We now have the COMPLETE collection available for your viewing pleasure. All of the products will have a special golden packaging, some of which, will be included in the 'RIRI Hearts' Holiday 2013 Collection.

After the success of her RIRI Hearts MAC Summer 2013 Collection, this collection is slated to release on September 26th in stores and online in the US and October 3rd Internationally! It will feature an array of eyeliners, brushes and mascara, along with more of what you've come to love from the previous collections -- Rihanna's signature lipsticks! Below, you can get the info on what this collection will offer and the prices.

Lipstick: $16.50 each

• RiRi Woo Retro Matte (Cool Red)
• Talk That Talk Retro Matte (Dark Plum)
• Who's That Chick Mid Tone (Frosty Orange)
• Nude Matte (Nude Cream)

Lipglass: $16.50 each

• RiRi Woo

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: $21.50 each

• RiRi Woo – cool red
• Talk That Talk – dark plum

Veluxe Brow Liner: $21.50

• Deep Brunette
• Deep Dark Brunette

Liquid Last Liner: $21.50

• Point Black

Mascara: $17.50

• Gigablack Extended Play

Lashes: $17.50

• #35
• #36

Cream Color Base: $22.00

• Diamonds (Soft Pink Beige with Gold Pearl Pigments)

Blush: $23.00

• Bad Girl Gone Good (Warm Copper/Satin)

Smoked Cocoa Eyeshadow Quad: $44.00

• Muted Mid-Tone Grey (Matte2)
• Mid-tone Cool Champagne (Veluxe Pearl)
• Black with Silver Pearl Pigments (Lustre)
• Black Charcoal (Satin)

Her Cocoa Eyeshadow Quad: $44.00

• Bright Bronze Gold (Lustre)
• Soft Peach (Satin)
• Warm Antique Gold (Veluxe Pearl)
• Chocolate Bronze (Lustre)

Lustre Drops: $20.00

• Barbados Girl (Rose Gold Bronzer)

Powder Blush Duo: $26.00

• Hibiscus Kiss (Coral blush and Matte Neutral Bronze Duo)


• 187SE – $42.00
• 282SE – $32.00

★Take a look at this video (here), to see FOX Business unveil more on Rihanna's Fall cosmetic line and discuss the impact she's had through social media.

Check out all of the pieces from the collection below:

RiRi Woo Retro Matte (Cool Red) ($16.50)

Talk That Talk Retro Matte (Dark Plum) ($16.50)

Who's That Chick Mid Tone (Frosty Orange) ($16.50)

Nude Matte (Nude Cream) ($16.50)

RiRi Woo Lipglass ($16.50)

RiRi Woo Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($21.50)

Talk That Talk Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($21.50)

Deep Brunette Veluxe Brow Liner ($21.50)

Deep Dark Brunette Veluxe Brow Liner ($21.50)

Point Black Liquid Last Liner ($21.50)

Gigablack Extended Play Mascara ($17.50)

Lashes ($17.50)

Diamonds Cream Color Base ($22.00)

Bad Girl Gone Good Blush ($23.00)

Smoked Cocoa Eyeshadow Quad ($44.00)

Her Cocoa Eyeshadow Quad ($44.00)

Rose Gold Lustre Drops ($20.00)

Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo ($26.00)

187SE Brush ($42.00)

282SE Brush ($32.00)

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  4. Yes Im gonna need that red riri woo and some lashes, yes to the God I need it in my life

  5. Talk that talk makes a statement and I love the hibiscus powder a lot I honestly love everything in the collection just can't afford all of it

  6. Damn imma have to work the corner's to get all of my baby's holiday line lol


  7. omg! im waking up extra early for this tomorrow!! like 6am. I'll a bitch for this

  8. How much for the liquid bra? LOL

  9. Does anyone know if they will re release the lipsticks?





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