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★Vintage RiRi: SHE x Balmain (2009)

SHE x Balmain Rihanna loved to wear the Balmain fashion label in 2009: Rihanna has been a huge supporter for the Parisian fashion label, Balmain. For years now, she’s worn pieces from both on and off the runway of their renowned collections. In recent years, Rihanna has developed a close bond with the label’s current…


★Vintage RiRi: SHE x Joyrich

SHE x Joyrich Rihanna wears several pieces from the brand Joyrich in 2012: In this week’s installment of Vintage RiRi, we will be taking a look back at a catalog of outfits that Rihanna wore in 2012. The key element in all of these looks is the LA street wear brand, Joyrich. This brand has…


★Vintage RiRi: Rihanna's Ipanema Beach Day in Tavik Swimwear

Ray Ban | Jacquie Aiche | Tavik Swimwear Rihanna enjoys Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro on September 19th, 2011: In September of 2011, Rihanna took a vacation to Rio de Janeiro. On the 19th, she ventured out to Ipanema Beach for some fun in the sun. Today, we will give you the details on…


★Vintage RiRi: SHE x Ronny Kobo

SHE x Ronny Kobo Rihanna wears pieces from designer Ronny Kobo throughout the years: Rihanna never forgets the designer brands she loves. Throughout the years we’ve seen her consistently sport some of the same designers in her everyday wear as well as in her performance attire. One of which we will be discussing in this…


Rihanna Hearts NY in Karl Lagerfeld || May 9th

Ray Ban | Karl Lagerfeld | Chanel | Jennifer Fisher | Céline Rihanna spotted out and about in New York with her brother Rajad: Rihanna’s style has proven to be super versatile over the years. She can easily pull off any hair style or fashion trend, while still commanding attention with her personal spin on…